It's The Danger of Punching Acne that You Did not Know

It's The Danger of Punching Acne that You Did not Know


Advice not to squeeze pimples of course you've often heard. But it's often 'itchy' hands want to eliminate the annoying appearance to disappear from the face. Bad habits are also known to be aggravating the condition of the face, such as increasing acne to make it make a deep impression. Although punching acne sometimes can not be avoided, you should start really avoid it, especially in the area of ​​the triangle in the nose and upper mouth. Acne that grows on the part is reportedly more dangerous than other areas. If the infection, the area is not only disrupt the skin but also to the brain. Triangle areas that become more dangerous due to the blood vessels that can go directly to the head. When acne is squeezed, especially with the hands that are not clean, acne can infection then spread to the brain. When that happens, the blood vessels in the nerve center can also get damaged quite badly.


The danger is also not playing games. Such infections are said to cause irreparable damage, such as loss of disappearance, paralysis, even death. When your face overgrown with acne, should be overcome by trying mengempeskan and relieve redness. Techniques that can be done can vary, such as using ice cubes, eye drops, acne medicine to drying lotion available on the market. You can also cover it with concealer for a while when there are special moments. To prevent the occurrence of skin problems that, regularly clean the face and blackheads. Can also request the help of a trusted beauty clinic to perform facials. (ami / ami)


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